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SuntrustBank  is full functional online banking web application that ensures a registered user to enjoy banking online. This Online Banking is a web application where user can transfer money to other users and can have a close watch on all their transactions.

SuntrustBank source code is developed in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL database. This complete banking portal provides a kind of real banking services that gives you complete control over all your banking demands online. This project was initially developed for an undergraduate school project, but over time, other banking features had been added base on student demands. It is now suitable for postgraduate level.

The most interesting thing about the coding behind this SuntrustBank is that it is well simplified; we used the HTML and PHP comment syntax almost all the lines of code for easy understanding. So it is not just about viewing the codes but understanding the whole instructions and being able to manipulate it.

SuntrustBank is an online banking project in PHP which you can download and extract to any cpanel of your choice.

Please note that this script is for academic and personal training on web development only, we will not be held responsible for any damage or abuse of this script in any way.


Users Account Login:
Account login Link: https://demosuntrust.cloversbank.com/version7.

Login Username: 5309246392

Password: user1010


Admin Login Access

Admin Link: https://demosuntrust.cloversbank.com/version7.

Username: admin@gmail.com

Password: Contact us for access

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