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This internet banking portal script provides a kind of banking services that gives you complete control over all your banking demands online.

Online Banking Script is a fully automated PHP script that handles banking transactions. This Online Banking System source code developed in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL database. The most interesting thing about the coding behind this project is that it is well simplified; we used the HTML and PHP comment syntax almost all the lines of code for easy understanding.

This script was build in a way you can easily add any template to the front end, all that is required is little HTML knowledge.

The Features Include

– Ability to create, edit, and delete accounts
– A state-of-the-art design that meets the banking standards
– All the pages are fully responsible, which means it automatically adjusts to all screen sizes
– It has credit, debit, disable, dormancy and closure options.
– Has a customized email template alerts in the case of crediting, debiting and transfers made.
– Uploading of user image
– Creating a credit and debit history for an account
– Records the number of times a user signs in and IP address.
– Successful transfer of funds.
– Internal messaging and ticketing system.
– SEO optimization (optional)
– Unlimited number of accounts
– SMS notification (optional)

This project was initially developed for an undergraduate school project, but over time, other banking features had been added base on student demands. It is now suitable for postgraduate level.

Admin control panel

  • User can create account on their own ( initially ClovBank support only admin to create user account)
  • Admin can Pause/Block/Recall user account.
  • The mail verification for new registered users
  • SMS Alert (Send to all country)
  • A new user needs to verify his email id once before logging in to Online Banking System.
  • Also when a registered user adds another user as his beneficiary, he gets a verification mail. And, he has to verify the beneficiary before making any transactions.
  • Supports unlimited currencies
  • Admin direct email to customers
  • Fund transfer by admin and customers
  • Auto email notification and verification
    Easy customers registration
  • Unlimited customers
    Secured fund transfer by the customer with pin
    Customers transaction history
    Customers image
    Customers scan ID card
    Customers account upgrade
    Customers card request
    Mobile responsive interface
    Admin Login pages are hidden from customer for security purpose.
    Passwords are stored as encrypted hashes with an additional random salt for added security.
    Details of Online Banking System

Customers Login URL: https://bit.ly/2oDz8w7

Account Number: 6546016706

Password: 12345678

Pin: 147

Transfer Authurization Code: 26196834

Admin Login URL: https://bit.ly/2oDz8w7

Username: admin

Password: Contact us For Access

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Leonard Powell
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